Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I Love Hollywood

It's a town of legend.

If you do good work and make the right connections, one day you can see your dream up on the big screen.

The big problem will be getting everyone to buy into what you are trying to accomplish.

Get a few people who want to throw a wrench in the works and you'll have a train wreck.

The evolving SAG/AFTRA/AMPTP contract situation is better than any reality TV show.

If you're reading any of the Hollywood blogs, you can get a whiff of the action that's taking place in Tinseltown. Like watching a bad movie or, if you're involved in that mess, living a nightmare.

It's eaten up a lot of my spare time, so I haven't posted here in a few days.

Will be doing an update later today.

I'll be commenting on the above mentioned contract situation.

Please Hollywood, get it together and go back to making movies.

Right now, it's back to the farm work.

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