Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surveillance is Slavery

Call it what you will, but if anyone is watching you, even in a benign manner, that's an invasion of privacy.

I consider any attempt to harvest information without the subject's permission to be akin to slavery.This attitude of 'You gotta watch them people, you can't trust them' is now being applied to ALL people.

You know how people are, they can't be trusted to stay in line. Never know what they're gonna do next. They might not like you, the nebulous watcher, watching them.

After all what do they think they are? Free or something?

So, when presented with the opportunity to sign a petition today, joining other authors in a protest against the digital surveillance we are now under, I signed up.

Didn't check the background of the site, who really owns it, what their manifesto might be. Just put my name on the internet, along with other personal information and was added to the list of known persons. People who don't like being spied upon, no matter who's doing it.

Does this make me a 'person of interest'? Probably not, with the boring life I lead.

I've always liked that phrase, considering that it's used to indicate that someone is under suspicion for an alleged act.

Hell, here I was thinking that they might actually be an interesting person, one with a fascinating background, not some potential criminal type.

IF a 'person of interest' might be a criminal, does that make US, as a nation under surveillance, a 'people of interest'?

Now, I don't know what to think.

Is this what the governing elite want?

Of course not, they want to do your thinking for you.

Just do everything they say and you'll be fine.

They aren't watching you, they're protecting you.

Now, don't worry, be happy.

Remember, what you don't know.....

is none of your business.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's THAT Time of Year

What the western world calls "Christmas Cheer".

Otherwise known as 'Shop til you drop' cause that's what makes the world go round. It ain't love it's the love of spending money.

Apologies to all concerned who've followed this blog. In past posts I mentioned putting up videos, doing more posts, etc.

Life has been a bit hectic. Which I'll recount at another time.

Let's just say that I've had a few challenges the past year and now things are starting to level out and slow down.

Which means that I'll be back working on my writing and promoting it.

Have a Happy Holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life Is What Happens While You're Getting Other Plans Unmade

You might be surprised that I finally got back to posting on this site. In a previous post, I said that I would post more often.

What I didn't know was the future. Plans are made and never seen through or fall through or get kicked down the alley of life, never to be completed.

I could bore you with the details of what I've been doing the past 6 months of this year, but it'll be in the book.

Let's just say that I'm back.

You've been forewarned.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Near Death Experiences

It's been over a year since my last post, with good reason.

In my life, I've had more than the usual number of close calls.

Last year was challenging, to say the least.

I won't go over each one, but will try to update this blog on a regular basis from now on.

Reports of my demise are premature, to say the least.