Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Flu... ad nauseam

It's been too long and it doesn't seem like it. Ten days, where did they go...

Plenty to write about, but work and a bout with the flu have slowed me down.

Until now. I'm much better, thanks and the posts that are in the review process are going to be up this weekend. Don't place any bets on it.

Since tomorrow's a new month, I'll start my monthly writing log with entries for my "Project X" novel and at least one blog post.

There, it's in print and in public, so I'll have to do it!

On my 01 Wage Slave blog, I'm going to start with employee tactics. Those basics to cover yourself, in case, make that WHEN, you're 'laid off'. Check out the link below:

Since the election is winding down, I'll do a couple of more posts on the faux election, what it means and how people like Ted Stevens can be convicted and still elected. Yes, I expect him to be re-elected.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Watch out for the ghost dog in my yard.

His bite is worse than his bark, since he doesn't bark.

Fair warning, as posted.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Undone, Unsaid and Unfinished

The list of things that need to be finished, much less started, is growing daily.

Frankfurt's Buchmesse (Book Fair) has come and gone, the Surrey Writers Conference is this week. I've been to one, but not the other. Planned on going to Surrey this year, but it's not to be. I'll write a post about Frankfurt. It's an event that every writer should plan on attending at least once in their life.

I'm painting a house, instead of the van and truck that have been 'on the schedule' for the past month. Finally delivered the welding truck to it's old/new owner. He's probably glad to have it back, I'm glad to have it out of the barn. It sat here for over two years after he bought it.

The welding truck escapade interfered with my going to the flea market for the past two weeks. I'll have to check in with the folks down there and see how the real economy is doing.

We should get some rain in the next couple of days. That will give me the time to get my writing caught up. I also have to get back to sending out queries to agents.

I would make a list of everything that I need to do, but it would take all day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Post is a Post is a Post

When confused, drivel is always soothing. Just ask any baby.

I was going to write a post, but had to put in some posts today. The fence post type of post.

This being rather mundane, back-breaking type labor, but necessary to keep animals in and predators out. It was an unscheduled task, as I was already working on cleaning the shop.

Shop cleaning is perpetual, especially when I am trying to paint a vehicle. Nothing like dust, spiderwebs, dog hair or other detritus embedding itself in new shiny paint. Doesn't add to the luster.

My father, swooping down from the far hills of town, descended on the farm mid-afternoon. He was early, usually he doesn't show up until about an hour before dark, then wants to work until the bats come out.

His penchant for secrecy doesn't allow for me to be informed beforehand as to the 'job of the day'. There are only about eighty-four things that need to be done, but with the posts and other fencing materials lying out by the road, the sight of undone work might have spurred this event.

Without further ado, the tractor was equipped with the post-hole digger, and post-haste, we went to drill the earth. For those of you who have never enjoyed such endeavors, allow me to relieve your angst. The immense thrill of churning dirt with an over-powered drill bit cannot be understated. The real excitement comes from dodging the tractor as it's being maneuvered into place. It's too easy for someone to back over you, when the tires are taller than you are.

The usual planning went into this project. Which translates as; 'it was planned as we went'. After the sixth post, I was informed that we were not 'aiming' the line of posts in the proper direction. My mistake was to think that we would place the posts across the property, in a straight line. As it turns out, they are now curved, to match the road. What was I thinking?

Equally spaced they are not. Why measure the distance, divide by the number of posts and do layout with a chalk line? Let's not confuse the issue with planning. Just get 'er done!

Rather than bring on more tears from your overworked eyes, I'll rest the matter now.

The posts are in, this post is done. We even finished before the bats came out.

I'll have to go back and level them off with a chainsaw though.

The heights are a bit uneven.

There isn't more than five inches of difference between most of them, except those at the gate.

Which are about a foot different in height.

Not bad for government work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

This is a post to let you know that the posts that I've been meaning to post will be posted as soon as I've written them to the required posting minimum.

Do not confuse this with the current state of confusion regarding the unstated panic, fed by the fear of worldwide markets. A market cannot bite you, except in the wallet.

Remember, it's all paper money.

Unless of course, you're using plastic.

Normal posting will resume when everything returns to normal.

Whatever that is.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ivory Tower Ignorance

You have to hand it to the news media. When they 'go to an expert' they try and pick a good one. This CNN article is correct, but it misses the point. Check out the link:

Here's my comment, don't know if CNN will post it:

More 'Ivory Tower' ignorance. Sure, all of his statements about government action/inaction are correct. The problem is that when people aren't working, they aren't paying taxes. The 'New Deal' had to create jobs before this country started to pull out of the Great Depression. You can 'create' all the credit, etc. you want, without work, you don't have product. People have to eat, have a roof over their heads and contribute to the country through their job before any of the banks, etc.really matter. All markets are based on product, not credit or paper!

Further thoughts on the situation;

It all comes back to tangible assets.

You don't acquire 'tangible assets' without work of some kind or being able to pay for them. Every market is based on either goods, property or a commodity. Goods (cars, boats, appliances, clothes, etc.), property (houses, buildings, real estate, etc.) and commodities (grain, livestock, minerals, etc.) have value dependent on demand. When demand is down, the value goes down.

Credit is based on the repayment ability of the person, company or government. It's determined by a risk factor. Good risk, then good credit. Bad risk, bad credit rating and then your 'perceived' value drops.

The current economic crisis is being solved by giving to the banks money that's going to be hard to produce, unless it's printed by the government. This will cause inflation, as it will take more money to buy any product, regardless of it's value. The government should be spending money on job creation, which produces taxes and spending on goods, commodities and housing.

This economic crisis isn't over by a long shot, it's just the beginning of the end game for many institutions.

Hang on! The roller coaster ride is about to get rough!