Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Flu... ad nauseam

It's been too long and it doesn't seem like it. Ten days, where did they go...

Plenty to write about, but work and a bout with the flu have slowed me down.

Until now. I'm much better, thanks and the posts that are in the review process are going to be up this weekend. Don't place any bets on it.

Since tomorrow's a new month, I'll start my monthly writing log with entries for my "Project X" novel and at least one blog post.

There, it's in print and in public, so I'll have to do it!

On my 01 Wage Slave blog, I'm going to start with employee tactics. Those basics to cover yourself, in case, make that WHEN, you're 'laid off'. Check out the link below:

Since the election is winding down, I'll do a couple of more posts on the faux election, what it means and how people like Ted Stevens can be convicted and still elected. Yes, I expect him to be re-elected.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Watch out for the ghost dog in my yard.

His bite is worse than his bark, since he doesn't bark.

Fair warning, as posted.

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