Monday, June 9, 2008

You Can Sleep When You're Dead

Oh yeah, but to blog, you have to be awake enough to hit the right keys.

I was going to post every day this month. Which doesn't seem to be happening. My fault.

After the great deluge of 2008, when we got about 7 inches of rain in 4 hours, everything has rocketed out of the ground. I've cut the grass more times this year than usual, while letting it grow taller between trimmings. Which I hate, because it gives the snakes a good place to hide.

Snakes love tall grass. When it rains and drives them out of the bottoms and away from the creeks and rivers, they tend to visit those warm, dry places. Like your backyard or mine.

Other than the increased reptile activity, the more I work, the less I seem to sleep. Must have something to do with the the heat and off the charts humidity. Is anyone out there wondering about global warming?

The results? I got into a sleep less, nap more, get less done cycle. Take on jobs that I shouldn't have, get even less done. Don't write as much. Read other peoples' stuff to see how they do their blogs.

I could just claim that it's all research. A large part of it is. Now it's time to apply it.

When is someone going to come up with a human battery pack?

Just plug me in and keep on going. 24 hours a day.

After all, who needs sleep?

Don't lose any sleep over the "You Wanna Be In Movies" series. I'm doing that for you. The next episode will cover some of my fellow actors. Some background on their aspirations.

I know that they had high hopes for the film.

At least it didn't wind up going straight to DVD.

I'll go into what it didn't do later.

The director/writer/leading man is losing sleep over that.

Happens to all of us.

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