Monday, June 2, 2008

Soggy Bottom Sightseers

Slow start to the month.

Was going to post every day, of course, starting with the first....

Sunday morning. Worked up at the shop for a while, predictions of rain.

When the rumbles of thunder got too close, I packed up and headed to the old homestead. Can't paint in the rain.

I figured that I would get the next instalment done on the "You Wanna Be In Movies" series, but then it started to rain. Which led to a downpour. A couple of hours later, after dealing with the leak in the kitchen roof again and a couple of power surges and a hour long power outage, the rain really started to come down.

By the middle of the afternoon the front yard was under water by an inch. Which is more impressive when you consider that it slopes downhill from the house to the road. After a couple of more hours, there was three inches of water running down the road. The fields next to the house were under water, as the creek was now about 200 yards wide, instead of 15 feet. My neighbor's house across the road had water within 20 feet of the front door, then a 'creek' about 60 feet wide that spanned both ditches and came up my driveway about 3 feet. It made a nice video.

People were trying to get down the road, attempting to drive through rushing water over two feet deep, it was probably deeper up by the bridge. Even if you have a big, old SUV or some 4X4 truck, it doesn't make you indestructible. I watched as fools, morons and idiots attempted to play Noah with their auto-arks. They all backed up, turned around and went back to the main road.

Some of the locals started to come around. All the old timers said they had never seen it this bad. Everyone had heard how deep the water was getting and they just had to see for themselves. My driveway was busy all afternoon and evening. Which kept me from getting any work done. I came out here to get away from crowds and they show up at my door!

When the Fire Department Chief showed up to block off the road, he brought some 'Fire Line' tape. You know that yellow ribbon stuff that they use to keep people from getting to close. Which made for the evening entertainment.

Sitting on the front porch in the dark, as the power was off, again, some hotfoot would come roaring up the road, only to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting the yellow tape. Then they would turn around either in my driveway or my neighbor's. Sometimes, Scoundrel would be there to greet them.

He's your un-average, weird looking, muscular multi-breed. Has a good eye and one that's, well, spooky looking. It's kinda albino, but it works. At night, being a white dog, he looks more like a ghost. Scoundrel likes to race around, hyper-kinetic and all, so even in broad daylight, he freaks people out. You can imagine what it's like to have him come charging at your car in the dark.

The Fire Department tape didn't make it, about midnight some local with a noisy pickup truck blasted through it, headed up the hill. Probably too wasted to even see what he drove through.
I heard him motor through the deeper water up by the bridge, then he was gone.

By this time, we had a couple of more surges and another power outage. Every time it would kick out my surge protector and throw me off the computer. I gave up around 1AM and went to bed.

Never a dull moment.

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