Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time for Rest and Research

It's been a few days. Didn't think I would be away from the blog for so long a period.

Did some damage to an old injury during the scrap yard run mentioned a couple of posts ago. Kept working around the farm, thinking that it would get better. Instead, I had to take some time off to heal.

While I was in the house, I finished reading President Eisenhower's book, "Mandate for Change". There are a few topics which I will need to research before I comment further on his book. I will say this, too much of what he warned about then, has been ignored now and we are going to pay for it.

Have also spent time on doing research for one of my books. Too many authors sit down and write something, without doing the background work necessary to creating a solid base from which to build their work. It's the other side of writing that I like, the reading of other authors.

Too bad that it doesn't appear to be work to most people.

They think that I'm just goofing off.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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