Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Love Hollywood

I love Hollywood, really.

I know people out there who are some of the finest human beings on the planet. They have helped me, given me guidance on my work, gone out of their way for me.

It's my hope that they will understand my comments. I'm not trying to be rude or too angry. None of this is personal, although I've made comments about the actions of some of the people involved in the current SAG/AFTRA/AMPTP situation that won't win any awards. So be it.

You probably have done it. Told someone you love how messed up they are. You do it because you care. You want them to see the error of their ways.

The difficult part is finding the diplomatic path to take.

Sometimes I have a difficult time restraining myself in making comments.

Usually, I write out what I'm thinking, look it over, edit it, then put it out to the world.

Even then, it might not come out as proper and polite as it could. Then again, there's nothing like a poke in the nose to get your attention.

Right now, Hollywood is looking at another record-breaking year for the box office. Some of the folks out on the coast are convinced this is due to their great writing, acting, movie-making, etc.

Very few of them will be correct in that self-congratulatory mode.

If the economy weren't in such sorry shape, there might be a vastly different report card for the movie business.

Hollywood made money during the Great Depression. Now, during the Great Recession, they're doing it all over again.

Too bad they think it's because of their movies.

If gasoline were cheaper, more people would be on vacation and doing things outside.

As it is, it's cheaper to take the family or your friend to the movies than it is to feed your face or do almost anything else.

Wake up Hollywood, you're not the center of the universe, except in your own fantasy.

So, please settle the contract talks with SAG.

Write and produce some quality movies.

I love you Hollywood. America loves you. The world loves you.

Now, please get your act together and get the show back on the road.

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