Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quantity and Quality Control

I don't like making mistakes, few people will admit to them and even more ignore them.

Past couple of blog posts I've hammered out, trying to get back on a daily schedule. When I reviewed what I had written, couldn't believe the number of errors, misspellings, we won't go into the the grammatical structure. I have an excuse for my twisted writing style.

Since I've been educated in various places, North, South, Europe and America, I have been exposed to different languages structures. German isn't written like English and French has it's own way of construction. Nederlands (Dutch) sounds like German, but 'vrouw' and 'frau' both mean 'wife' yet they aren't spelled the same but sound similar to a foreign ear. Throw in regional dialects and their special connotations, you can come up with a strange brew of languages.

Sure, it's a cheesy excuse, but it's mine.

Language laws are made to be broken.

I do it all the time.

As long as you get the idea out there.

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