Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just In Time

Finally got the house painted, took longer, much longer than I expected due to the changing weather and my getting the flu. I wrapped that up yesterday, just in time. We're getting much needed rain.

Some people hate the rain, I don't mind it. It gives me the excuse to stay inside and work on my writing. Which is how I would rather make my living, rather than be in the shop or doing farm work. It's getting harder for the average person to make ends meet. The flea market is disastrous right now, the scrap metal market is even worse.

An example. Three months ago, automobile scrap metal was at $14 dollars per hundred pounds. Now it's at $1 dollar per hundred pounds. For those of you who only pay attention to Wall St. and the stock market, that's like the Dow Jones dropping from 14,000 to 1,000.

When I hear the big boys whine about how tough it is in the markets, I shake my head. They have no clue.

Everyone is talking about change.

That's the one thing that's constant in life.

It probably will be what you don't expect.

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