Monday, November 3, 2008

A Day on the Farm, Work and Writing

You don't want to do the work I do, it's difficult and dangerous. It's not as dangerous as coal mining or firefighting, but it's got it's challenges.

Life on the farm is unlike anywhere else. Sure, things are pretty much set to a natural cycle, but events and routines are changed more often than in any other work situation.

I get up around 5-6AM and sometimes don't go to bed until after midnight. In between, I'll work on equipment, take care of the animals (not many, as we're not running livestock), deal with unexpected events (neighbor's animals getting loose, etc.), maintain the property...just plain hard work.

Then, if I'm not too tired, work on my writing.

That's been the summer schedule.

With winter approaching, I try to write in the early morning, then do farm work until dark, which is now around 5PM here.

I usually write out a blog post, then review it. Still make mistakes, but that's part of getting it done.

Looked over my "Project X" calendar, found that I hadn't done any writing/rewriting on it for a couple of months. Which doesn't mean that I stopped doing research on it. Trying to 'forget' it, so I have a fresh perspective when I come back to it. I won't snooze on this one any longer. Events in the world are catching up to it's premise and I have to get it out to an agent or publisher.

It's the query emails that eat up time and really frustrate me. Haven't done any in a long time and they are the necessary evil of the literary world.

Like any writer, I hate getting the rejections.

One day though, I'll get the reply I want to see, maybe more than one.

That will be the validation of my efforts.

Someone else understands my work.

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