Sunday, September 14, 2008

Self-Defeating Behaviour

Ever wonder how much would get done, if you could just ignore all the distractions in life?

People get caught up in issues, causes, current events, most of the time without having the slightest chance of being able to impact these situations. I'm guilty of this more than most people. Other people go on about their lives, I try to 'help', only to step into the deep manure.

Just spent the past couple of days sniping back and forth with a SAG supporter. I think that's what they are, they have one of those anonymous blog poster names.

End result, I'll go back to spending more time on my novel and blogs.

The SAG people will learn the hard way about contract negotiations in this day and age. That's how I did it. Fell on my face more than a few times, didn't enjoy the pain.

It's one of the reasons that I wrote "Going Dutch, Trials of a Wage Slave". Wanted to point out my errors in life, give people a few laughs and hopefully, keep them from making my mistakes.

People don't mind the laughs, but lessons? They usually have to learn those on their own.

Hitting the pavement can hurt. Hard on the face, too.

Bring your own band-aids.

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