Friday, September 26, 2008

Club Hollywood, the Religion Test

Nikki Finke loves to shred people in Hollywood.

Big players, moguls, movie stars who have gone astray.

When she picks on a person who's just trying to do her job, it's over the line for me.

See what you think. Check out her blog:

In case she doesn't post my comment, it's included here:

Dear Hollywood and Nikki Finke,

Thanks for this important and earthshaking post.
All the major players, liars and thieves out there and you pick on this poor, young soul. A person just trying to do her job in the best way possible.

I would like to see a public apology by you Nikki Finke to Michelle. A private one would be in order also, but I don't expect miracles from you.

I'm sure your 'insiders' could easily get you in touch with her. Take her to lunch. Do the right thing.

Life is difficult enough, without you beating up on someone like this.

Try to be inclusive, this exclusive club of Hollywood is only being self-defeating by supporting this sort of thing.

Those of us in the 'fly-over states' are not as dumb as you think.

When you celebrate the New Year, try to remember the reasons we all need to work harder at understanding each other.

You ain't helping the problem.

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