Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life's Rollercoaster

It aggravates me no end. I WANT to post everyday, but you know, life gets in the way. Hmm, some blogger country singer could make a song out of that line.

The past week has been full of non-events, but lots of work. My father's building a new house, instead of remodeling I'm digging out all the lumber and building materials on the farm for this new project. He's a tough one, works most people right into the ground, even at his age.

I just spent the past two days welding up the trailer that he almost destroyed hauling concrete block. It's a good thing that he's got more than one trailer. I'm usually fixing one, while he's out bending the usable one.

I'd rather be working on one of the car projects, like my '65 Baja Bug. Plan on doing a blog on doing 'downhome' custom work. How you too, can have a custom ride, without the big expense of taking it to the local bodyshop.

One of my monthly projects is sending out the bill to my former company, O'Neil & Associates, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio. We parted ways over seven years ago and they still haven't paid the court judgment. Have tried to get a lawyer to take this case, but not too many of them are interested in a court judgment from the Netherlands.

It's one of the reasons that I started a new blog.

I'll be reviewing work conditions, the loss of benefits and healthcare, any issues related to the workplace. Too many people put their faith in their companies, only to find out that the company is only going to wear you out, then throw you out.

Didn't get to the flea market this past week. With all the flack about the Big Bailout on Wall St. I didn't think that too many people would be there. Saved the gas and the time. Maybe this weekend....

It's been a wild rollercoaster ride and it's not over yet...keep your seatbelt fastened until the ride comes to a halt.

You may be paying for everybody on the ride, please have exact change ready.

Cash only, we don't take no credit.

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