Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buried by Work

I thought that I could keep up the blog and get work done on the farm. Didn't happen.

The past few weeks have blown by, like they weren't anything more than leaves in the wind.

Since the heat is now stratospheric, I'll be spending more time at the keyboard. I can only work a couple of hours, maybe four at the most, in the early morning. Then it's too hot and humid, with the heat index easily over 100F. I've seen air temperatures over 103F, in the shop, in the shade. Yes, I know that it's hotter in the desert. Here, it's the humidity that can kill you.

I've been expecting an earthquake down here, but LA got one before us. Glad to hear that it wasn't serious. You know what they say about earthquakes.

It's usually really hot before one hits.

We had one in Ohio about thirty years ago, a very mild one. I would rather not repeat the experience, thanks.

Back to the novel for me.

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