Monday, April 28, 2008

Why Be Anonymous?

It's a sign of bravery, it's the signature of the strong. The song of those who sing with purity and knowledge in their hearts.

OK, cut to the chase. People who post comments using either 'Anonymous' or any of it's derivatives or, better yet, a pseudo-intellectual, tough guy or bogus handle are....what's a good word here?

Wimps? Wussies? Chickenshit? Gutless?

All of the above!

Don't give me the, "I have to do it to protect my identity, 'cause my boss will fire me." OR the "It's my right to make a statement without having to reveal who I am". Lines of the lame.

You can tell, because they usually write garbage.

(Yes, I could be more emphatic about this, use stronger language, but why? It doesn't impress anyone. I didn't really want to use 'chickenshit' but that's got a special, barnyard connotation.)

You're just kidding yourself, "anon".

Try to learn to stand up for what you believe in and express yourself in a respectful manner, all the while owning up to it in public.

Yeah, takes guts, but you can do it.

After all, if you wind up breeding and have kids one day, you might want to tell them about it.

Hard for the little tyke to believe it when the comment is signed, "Anonymous".

Unless, of course, that happens to be your family name.

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