Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fractures and Fires

What a week. Glad it's about over.

Since my last post, I cracked/broke a couple of bones in my left foot. Working on the dump truck tailgate, a large piece of angle iron dropped from the truck bed. My foot didn't get out of the way in time. Landed just above the steel-toe part of my work boots.

Nothing like 30+ pounds of steel falling four feet to land on your foot! It was more than an 'ouch' moment.

This led to me hobbling around the farm and shop the past couple of weeks. You can't stop, just because your foot looks like a blue-black lump.

Thought that I got a reprieve this past Wednesday. Rain was forecast, but we mainly got high winds, up to around 50MPH. I checked out the window, looked east, storm clouds. Went out the front door, stood on the porch, looked west. More storm clouds. Some were really low, blowing across the road. Hmmm, white, not dark gray.

That's when I realized the field up the road was on fire. Right next to my neighbor's house.

I'm still writing the post on the fire. More later.

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