Monday, December 8, 2008

Hollywood Strike Redux

It's the Holiday Season, so it must be time for a strike in Hollywood.

Last year, the Writers Guild of America showed how you could strike and not get any real benefits, except the enduring animosity of your Hollywood co-workers.

This year, the Screen Actors Guild has dragged their feet, probably didn't have a script for contract talks. Now they're going to finally call a strike vote, something they should have done BEFORE the contract expired, back in June.

I've been following the fun and games over on Nikki Finke's blog;

My post over there won't win me any friends, but I'm fed up with the lack of action.

Here's the key part of the post:

Get a hint from the workers in Chicago:

I'm all for people getting a good contract, no matter what industry they work in.

You better be brave enough to risk it all to deserve it.

It's not going to be handed to you.

Whining about it won't get the job done.

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