Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey Wait! The Year Can't Be OVER!

It has to be a cosmic maelstrom, spinning us closer and faster towards...

OK, maybe everything is going into the toilet. How cosmic is that?

First of December, missed a deadline, self-imposed on finishing the "Project X" novel.

Did get the van painted, set a new low temperature record. You're not supposed to be able to spray paint a vehicle in 54F temps. I just did and it's not pretty, but it's shiny and done.

Most of the weekend was dedicated to minor home remodeling. Boring topic, but the new wood stove is snapping and crackling, pumping out heat as I type this.

Other than that, I spent quality time chasing poachers out of the fields.
The winning excuse of the week is, "I'm just out looking for the golf balls we hit into this here soybean field."
Yummy! Nothing like the taste of golf ball flavored tofu!

Now, if the weather will clear and get up around 60, I might just get the pickup truck painted this week.

Then I'm gonna pray for rain, so I can sit inside, roast my toes and work on the novel.

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