Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Dutch Court Judgment Against O'Neil & Associates of Dayton, Ohio

I'm going to be uploading videos and photos about my attempts to enforce the Dutch court judgment I received against my former employer, O'Neil & Associates, Inc of Dayton, Ohio. I'm doing this as a public service.

It's my opinion, based on my experiences working with O'Neil & Associates, Inc. that this company needs to be investigated by the United States government. My research has included speaking with former employees who were harassed, intimidated and discriminated against by this company.

This is a company that does Department of Defense work. They are being paid with American tax dollars. It's time to ask our government to check into this company's operations.

To follow is a copy of the monthly billing that I send O'Neil & Associates, Inc of Dayton, Ohio.

As you can see, at this time this billing is for $240,974.52 US Dollars. This is the billing for the month of January 2017.

For those of you considering working for this company or hiring them for services you might need, I recommend checking their reviews on  You might find it interesting.

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