Thursday, February 17, 2011

Would Chuck Wood for Work

Otherwise, I can't wait to chuck winter for spring.

You been having a nice, mild winter? Not here. I've been playing lumberjack most of this winter, in conditions that are common up North, but downright aggravating here. I've cut and split enough wood for three 'regular' winters and it's not over yet.

I expect 50 degree weather this time of year, not highs of around 30. Which is the normal low temp overnight.

So, this past week, we went from highs in the upper 20's to temps now in the lower 70's! Great weather to catch the flu.

Posting here has been spotty, at best.

It's a good thing that I don't have access to the internet on a full time basis or I'd get nothing done on my writing or around the farm.

Love the internet, great source of info, etc., but it makes me want to comment on things that I should leave alone.

So, it's back to the shop, where a Sable awaits me. Time to put paint on it and ship it down the road. Then it will be tractor maintenance time.

Believe me, I look forward to a nice, relaxing hour or two in front of my computer, working on my writing. Some people think it's a grind, but they should try manual labor for a while.

Then they would appreciate how easy it is to give your opinion on things you aren't going to change without making a real, physical effort.

Back to work, wage slaves.

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