Saturday, May 24, 2008

Internet Holiday

Took an Internet Holiday yesterday. Didn't get on the computer.

Long hours at the farm, had to get a neighbor's hay baler out of the barn. After he had let it sit over here for the past 9 months. Then spent the rest of the day welding up one of the bushhogs, tuning up and using the chainsaw and then, bushhogging around my house. Just the simple, easy 12 hour day.

Got a new farm cat, "Luna". She's a calico intimidator. Was real quiet when I went to pick her out. Has now turned into a whiny baby, unless Thor's around. Then she hisses, spits, arches her back and stares him down. He just looks at me, disgusted, walks away, then flops on the porch. An 8 ounce kitten backing down an 80 pound German Shepherd

She was sitting in my lap watching me type and had to jump on my fingers then onto the keyboard

Now she's done something to the keyboard and all the spacing and punctuation is acting up

I can't even put a period on the end of the sentences

I'll have to come back to this later

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