Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life, Death and Survival

The previous post is not going to make some people very happy. That's tough, as it's pretty much how things really are in the world.

No matter what you eat, it's usually dead before you get to it. All the vegetarians in the world like to think that they are not killing anything to eat it, but they are just fooling themselves.

All living things eat or consume other living things, the only difference is if it's animal or plant. It's always amazed me how people get upset over those of us who eat venison (deer meat) while they're chewing on a hamburger. You would be surprised how tasty a veni-burger is!

As for the processing of the kill. It doesn't matter how far down the list you are, whether you kill it or someone else does, you're part of the system. You have as much blood on your hands as the butcher. If you didn't place that order for a burger and fries or even a salad, that cow, that potato and all those greens would have lived out their lives...and died anyway.

Just be thankful for them being around to give up their 'lives' for you.

Then, chow down!

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