Monday, November 12, 2007

Take Your Child to the Picket Line!

I can see it now...


A man takes his young son by the hand and joins a picket line. Taking a sign from a strike captain, he bends down to his son. He points at the nearby news crew.


Son, hold this sign and smile for the man with the TV News camera.


A studio exec stares at the TV coverage of WGA strikers picketing the front gate. The camera pans, then zooms in on a small child. The exec slowly lowers his head to the polished teak table and starts to gently pound it with his forehead.


If what I am reading is correct, today is ‘Take Your Child to the Picket Line Day’ for the WGA strike;

I hope that this happens and is not some internet rumor. This could be the key to bringing everyone back to the table to resolve this strike.

FINALLY, this could be some positive news. These children are the faces of the future. If this doesn’t get some front page/headline/lead story action, then nothing will. The kids get to see mom and dad out on the front lines, trying to keep bread on the table.

As for the studios, well, how are they going to counter this? Put Bambi at the gate? Have the lion eat a couple of kids? Will they just go fishing? How about Mickey giving out some hugs?

This is gonna be a tough one to counter for the production companies and the studio suits.

The PR flacks have to be weeping into their cappuccinos right about now.

God, I love writers!

There is nothing more powerful than imagination.

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