Friday, October 12, 2007

Striking Out, Instead of Joining Up

As I wander through the daily debris of the news, wonder turns to dismay.

What ever happened to unions and guilds supporting each other when one of them goes out on strike? The IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees) has warned the WGA about their actions. Like if you mess with our work, we will sue, or something to that effect. I won't go into details, the trade papers are full of the specifics.

In the old days, before lawsuits became the weapon of choice, unions and guilds would respect the strike of another and even go so far as to support it. When the Teamsters would shut down the trucking companies, the Longshoremen on the docks would honor their picket lines.

I can understand that there is a bit of an overlap with the IASTE having people doing animation writing and other stuff. Why hasn't there been an attempt to have these two groups meld and give them even more clout? Does it boil down to the old ego of the management scenario? After all, you see corporate mergers all the time to increase their strength in the marketplace. Why not these two groups?

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode...

Will the IASTE sue?

Will the WGA counter-sue?

Will the Great Strike of 2007 break Hollywood....

Does anyone really care?

Don't touch that remote!

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